Arthur Heyman

Lawrence, New York, public schools

High school at R.L.S. , N.Y. , New York

College at: Nasson, Hofstra, CUNY, Stony Brook

Grad work:Psychology, Hunter. Anthropology, SUNY Stony Brook

631 689 6449


Sailboat and powerboat delivery on the US east coast. Based on Long Island, NY

Circa 1981. I haven't seen Sara Lynbeck since '82, but this is one of my favorite photos.

Greece,1984. A Minoian site. Pottery looks better in color.



Above Namche, Nepal, Spring 1999

Spring 1999

New boat and the old rowboat -

Off Port Jefferson, Spring 2003

Captain Dan Hallock (right) ; boat builder, schooner master,  and wonderful teacher.