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Portsmouth  Dominica  Yacht Support


Jeff Frank  767 245 0125  VHF 16 -08


 Tour Guide , Customs Service, Taxi Service


   For the best possible assistance in all aspects of yacht support while in Portsmouth  let me recommend Jeff Frank.

  I met him as he came out to the sailboat I was captaining, late at night, to guide us to a mooring.  I saw his skill in small boat handling as he took me through surf onto shore , but I was then amazed at his knowledge and skill in assisting  us in customs and immigration ( he assisted  a customs clerk at his own job, and thus saved hours of my time; he later prevented our yacht from making a costly mistake in clearing out)   He is   a citified tour guide, and he features this on his business advertising ,  but  this is a great  understatement ; he not only knows the island, it's culture and geography,  this man  simply excels in everything I saw him do; his management skills are superb; hes honest, honorable, hardworking and, if anything, under priced. Someone with more money than I should give this man a step up; I suspect he could manage most any business on the island.

 If  you need assistance in provisioning, repair, shore accommodations, or local travel you can not find better.  





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