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Sailboat delivery on the US  east coast  via the intracoastal waterway,  or offshore, or to anywhere else.

 The Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC)

Wind Speed  

Wave Height (Fleet NMOC)  and Naval Oceanography Portal

Currents; animation from sat data  Magnificent!

Online chart viewer from NOAA

Local Marine Traffic Via AIS Data

Wind Rose Charts

Free charts on the web from NOAA

Ocean Weather - a good site for waves ...

National Hurricane Service

Gulf Stream thermals and here

Why do boats sink? and how to prevent it. (a PDF from BoatUS)

Windspeed via and  Windalert

Portsmouth Dominica Yacht Support

Active Captain an "interactive cruising guidebook" ; please know about this!

A site showing Charts over satellite images, along with local knowledge; looks useful

Go east while north young sailor to the Caribbean

Why so many deliveries have engine problems  And more on this

Check the diesel engine yourself but please also have a mechanic AND a surveyor in at your purchase.

And why stop with engine issues; what of the rest of the boat you are thinking of buying?

Why are your friends ( not you! :>)  ) getting sea sick? A good discussion of various boats and their motion here, and the original formula here  A well cited study on motion sickness here. You can also run useful queries yourself on Google by "msi motion sickness".


More Photos from various deliveries

   For mediocre web site design but really good network engineering and data base programming you should go here  and here for  MS Access Database work in  New York

 and here for  custom software made in the   USA

A short home made film on sailing in home waters




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